Frag @ GXL Frostbyte: Jan 5-7

New Jersey - whattayasayywhatayaknow

Frag 18 is still in the oven. We are running smaller Frags nationwide right now. Lets get CS2 LANs right before Frag 18.

  • CS2 Tournament is Non-BYOC (bring peripherals tho!)
  • January 5-7th
  • 16 teams (we may expand, ask nicely)
  • Location: SectorX
  • $5,000 prizepot
  • This Frag is running along side a SICK BYOC. You should check out GXL as they are the best LAN party in our opinion. Bunch of side tournaments, contests, and schedule of fun events.

    Purchase Tickets & Hotel.

    Team Payment Options.  There are no refunds after purchase.

    16 of 16 teams paid. We may expand.

    You can also buy BYOC tickets for GXL too 🙂 Non-BYOC CS2 tourney and some gang gang bang bang baller af BYOC schedule of entertainment.
    Buy Team Tickets @ GXL


    • Hotel Info soon.
    Book the official Frag x GXL hotel.
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    Teams Registered

    Currently 16 teams are paid. We may expand.

    Your team will show up on this list AFTER you fill out the team info form.

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